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    Gear review: Eureka! Tetragon 2 tent

    So I normally don’t post gear reviews, but I might start doing so if it goes well.

    I needed a tent for the second annual Port City Crossfit Carolina Beach Campout. Since I hadn’t been camping since I was a boy scout I needed a tent. I looked high and low. I knew the high end brands, Kelty, The North Face, MSR, etc, but I wasn’t about to drop $400+ on a two person tent that I may only use once or twice a year. Plus the beach can be brutal on gear, even high end stuff is still made of metal which can rust.

    The cheaper tents looked like playing Russian roulette. Some had great luck with a $30 wal-mart tent, others were not so lucky. Based on what I read, cheaper tents are contracted out by various companies in batches. So if you get a tent from a good batch you get a great tent for a bargain, but if you get a crap tent….well you wind up soaked in rain from a storm.

    I went to a outdoor store and found this tent by Eureka!, a brand I hadn’t heard of. My google-fu found nothing except a few reviews on Amazon. I figured for $50 I’d be getting a decent tent that would last me at least a couple trips. 

    Set up was easy and quick. I was able to get my tent up in record time. The tent is 7’x5’, which is big enough for me and my gear with a little room to stretch out. I was able to test out the water retention of the tent with the rain canopy. I was fortunate enough to sleep through a decent thunderstorm on the beach. High winds, heavy rain. I stayed dry and somewhat comfortable. For some perspective, there were about 7 or 8 tents at our site, 3 of those tents were dry in the morning. I thought that was pretty impressive for a $50 tent.

    I’m not, and have not claimed to be, a great outdoors men. Not yet anyway. So I’m sure there are true mountaineers that could find flaws with this tent but I’d say if you’re looking for a decent tent, at a decent price, I would highly recommend this tent.

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